Nonconformity to The Norm

one of the cliche says your first appearance leaves a lasting impression, also you dress as you want to be addressed, This is where the word style surfaces and plays a greater part, its not about the designers you are wearing but also the combination of it. a cheap designer could look better than a premium designer if combined well together.

Sense of fashion is sometimes part of you, this tends to fall in place by itself subconsciously, although the great the designers and fashion icons perfected their trade by spending vigorous hours learning about their craft but notwithstanding they already have that sense of art.

combination of the right colours, right materials, seasonal combinations, shoes that matches your swag, accessories that complement, colour that complements your complexion. All this are put into consideration before making a decision, obviously it happens within a fraction of minutes brainstorming, but it takes an atom of fashion present attributes to do that.

Embrace the sense of fashion, simplicity mostly conveys the message Elegance complimented with prestige. little sometimes conveys the message a lot. so i think not over crowding your body with too much colour or layers of clothing like a daily congestion in oxford circus will go a long way to ignite the sense of curiosity about you in the minds of onlookers.

Timeless dressing occurs when you dress rightly for the occasion, dress in time. Knowing what to wear at the right time, not having breakfast during dinner and calling it dinner or putting on winter jacket in the summer time, sense of fashion urgency. dress right and well, feel free to express yourself through your fashion however you please. some tend to hide how they want to dress based on the pressure placed on us by the community we grew in. doing the unusual, nonconformity to the Norm projects the sense of uniqueness, oneself, ownership and freedom.

Own yourself, not trapped with societies desire…:)

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