Latenight courseWork

I think i  might have to stay awake tonight, management coursework will be a pain in the arse this night, drank alot of Energy drink prior anyway, i hope my Eyes don’t stay wide open  while my brain goes to sleep, that will be quite funny actually; watching my Macbook slip off my laps with typing formed hands stuck static imagining to type. Lights left on , earphones stuck in my ear, classical piano piece playing, beethoveening its atom of calmness through the subconsciousness of my supposed eminent mind.

Student life sometimes work itself out to late work timing, its something you try to avoid but unfortunately life has a way of entertaining itself with the excitement and sense of rush that accompanies with it.  you should see my web browser and for some rare reason the countless tabs opened, just a few digits lesser than china’s billion population.

It should be fun if by the morning i have concluded my article. This will proof night article writing is quite effective 🙂

Alright time to work Goodnight 🙂


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