Ready to die

Ready to die
Expectations, complications,elevation
Complexity,time consuming
Notwithstanding, keep pusiung
Gasping faces, lengthy races
Endurace, change in pace
Finish line faraway, obstacles in the way
Journey to the promise land
Trip to heaven
The night is raving
Moment for everything
Peep through this great view
Dream of a thousand night
Show me that perfect flight
I will break my bones ready for this fight
Battle of a lifetime
Progression to success
Accumulation for the next generation
Prevention against calibration
Hoping one day there’s a celebration.

10 thoughts on “Ready to die

  1. Thanks for liking my blog. I like the photo. There was a time that I wanted a sports car. Now I’m older I know I’d struggle to get out of one, even if I managed to get in! I still like fast though and can drive fast without being as reckless as when I was young! πŸ™‚

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