snow patrol – chasing cars

Every now and then, i love playing with the garage band application on my macbook pro, well i decided to mess around singing the snow patrol song Chasing Cars, well didn’t try singing it to do it justice, if you listen closely you could hear some part in the song of me clearing my throat :) , so just listen dont take take it too serious like simon cowell or L.A Reid.

I recorded this in my room, utilising the macbook pro onboard mic, strummed the guitar quietly and also sang quietly so i dont disturb my brother in the next room or neighbours. I think i might have to make a sound proof room incase i decide to step my noise making up a notch.

Its simply testing the capabilities of Music creation on Macbook pro, i think i just love to do things so i could listen back and laugh at myself, sounds weird but i think an atom of weirdness creates that differentiation in us. i just love doing stupid stuffs like this. lol  try to listen and tell me if its 3mins of  head torture or pleasure. :)


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