Wind cries Mary.

This is my own rendition of wind cries mary by the legendary `jimi Hendrix. i love the lyrics so i decided to do it in my own way. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Wind cries Mary.

  1. That was a very nice rendition. I have always loved Jimi. In 1970 I heard him for the first time via the Band of Gypsies album. I was in 9th grade and living with at my older cousins house. I was browsing his record collection (the ones he did not want) and I came across this incredible album cover with a man (Jimi) in a psyched out shirt, playing a quitar with his left hand. After listening to Machine Gun, I never went back to R&B soul. By the way I had the same experience with Miles Davis’ album cover Kind of Blue; Miles playing the trumpet against a black background.


    • jimi hendrix is a legend it was like a year ago i really got to listen to his work, i use to see him people’s T-shirt and stuff but didn’t know who it was, but now i know why. when i first listened to purple haze i got stuck to him straight on 🙂

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