My Phone Cares…Morning!!

The day can’t start any better, Obviously the sound of an alarm at 7am in the morning is not always the most pleasant, but I think my phone makes it a little pleasurable.

My personal alarm speaks, it tells me the weather for the day and can’t for God’s sake stop blasting its siren for me to wake up. I managed to reach out my hand from underneath the duvet in other to put an end to it’s screaming sound.

However, Switching it off, I grabbed my phone and struggled bearing with the brightness of its screen. so i squinted at the phone screen and all I could see was “good morning “, Oh!! this is wonderful,even though i am single, at least my phone cares about me :), literally birds gathered on my screen to say “good morning ” perhaps I had to be sure if they were birds so I touched them and oh no!! they fled for safety :).


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