Fabio Capello Resigns As England Manager

The italian fabio capello , current manager of the English football team resigned few hours ago, could we say its because fabio capello is unsure of his competence to help England in  winning any  cup this season or is it because of  his recent remarks on John terry’s case been stripped of  the captain ship band, based on  a fact of racism incidence against fellow QPR FC footballer  Anton ferdinand.

Well this case is not so straightforward and its  hard to really say what triggered his resignation, but i think the FA should take more responsibility and assertive decisions, also there should be reduction in the unrelenting press affair in the matters that are not really significant. Well England hasn’t got no manager for to lead them to the Euro 2012 , hosted by poland and ukraine which starts june 8  and finishes on the 1st of july 2012.

However, the buzzing question now is why he resigned and who will be the next England manager, several names have been thrown around. Regarding to the England job, this is a job that involves a lot of scrutiny, most importantly the off the field matters, who ever will be in charge of the england job either temporary or permanently would have to be in control of the dressing room affairs, followed by the wags culture, because the on-pitch performance seems to be less important in england football nowadays. who do you think it could be out of all this managers listed or who would  you like to be the next england manager?


Managers on the List

Harry Rednkapp





Stuart Pearce





Jose Mourinho







Roy Hodgson 





Alan Pardew


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