The tracks are laid down,
My train keeps speeding by,
Passenger hopping on and getting off
Last stop, lights turned off,back to dark loneliness
No one to call or talk to,
I wonder what I Could do,
Searching for love where I can’t find,
A hunter shooting in the thin air.

Well I took my train to spain
Maybe I would meet one
Everyone dropped but she stayed on
Spanish melody sinking in the air
Luck struck finally like.. Oh my my
Good days trembling by, So excited,
compliments spilled like wine I couldn’t stop,
thought I found my love, Hoping the year will catch its flight,
While we fall in love over and over.

Spanish throb rode back on my train
Oh yeah maybe this is it,
Dark night came to light
Felt I didn’t have to fight no more,
Deceit in disguise, laid my love guard down,
oh my We going on and on,
Smiled every mile till the dawn,
Just for her to say all I want is fun,
My heart scattered with hurt like beach sand,
She, set it on fire, played me to her desire,
Oh no purple haze, please come take me higher…….


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