Should we

Should we depict peoples cleanness to what they do?
Should we measure the worth of human with the quality of what he or she does
What of human dignity, do we put aside essence of existence
Situation of life is inevitable
Happiness is most important, regardless
What about a great heart or is that a waste
or we get pressurised by what our peers think
Well certain things can’t be gotten rid of
and thats difference in view or perspective
But shouldn’t we question our audacity in judgement
Judgement of others, in who we think they are before we get to know them
Rich or poor, we should think of everyone the same
Judgement based on materialistic showcase is ever inaccurate 
I think everyone deserves a fair shot of equal treatment
Pets are looked at better than servants
Is a human being worth less than an animal now
Neither of them are 
A question i pose to the shallow minded 
A world of class is a world of human division 
Treat everyone with respect regardless of their occupation 
Making a living is the subject , at least 
He or she should be respected for an attribute of responsibility
Shouldn’t be dejected for trying,
Shouldn’t our rise to better quality of life, increase our morale agility
Or we’ve elevated to the heavens and perceive the rest as dirt
Good heart, just heart, fair and loving.
Embrace on another, wish each other well,  see the better in each other not the worst 
Positive gesture, what a great venture, 
Hopefully there’s some sort of comprehension,
My little words can only carry round that bowl of contention.

RESPECT…… the soul not the things we created



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