Have A Good Day Guys


It’s another day, the night signed out few hours ago, I woke up, wrapped underneath my blue but yet thick duvet, dabbled around my bed to the melody of my snore. Now sitting upright against my bed rest, trying to recollect my dream, unfortunately I couldn’t reach out to that part, I was too tired to remember, now my yawn thirst for a hot black coffee. My eyes refused to open widely, while I stretched walking zigzagly to the kitchen.

Coffee drowned the morning mouth ooze with its bitter but yet tasteful self,  time for a quick shower, while I listen to “liquid jesus” by Lenny kravitz, for that fraction of session, with the million splash of water, elevating a roaring sound, It felt like I was in a concert. Bopping my head, reciting the lyrics, endlessly strumming those imaginary guitar strings :).

Well shower concert was over, dashed out having realised, I had spent too much time In my lego house. It’s time to set off for the day, sorry I can’t say much more, time is up, have a good day 🙂



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