image I guess people would wonder why I have lust as a title, well it’s just a side of life we’ve all lived, there and now everyman get’s lost in the world of female attention, the sensual apartment that keeps us away from reality “Lust”. we all want to satisfy our urge, through this we opt into the woods of guilty pleasure. It never seizes to make our minutes of encounter, its a feeling that makes our day, But unfortunately loneliness can’t be avoided.

These are experienced situations and the final outcome only melts your feelings. Lust takes your time and more so your resources, it messes up your attribute of focus, possibly diverts your ambition.  you don’t realize until its all gone, you don’t until you are  back to square one. I am not a preacher, I just embrace the idea of sharing constant  thoughts in any atomic form possible.  To whom ever out there this might touch, I just want to urge you to tighten up your discipline sit belt, fight against every means of distraction, don’t thread paths in which you might get caught up, just stick with one love not lust.

I am sitting down here and staring at my empty wall, accumulating the feeling of blankness, loneliness, emptiness, telling my self that if i had listened or known much better, I wouldn’t have made mistakes, but at the same time  i guess a person’s mistake is a solution to a patient trying to avoid one. Lust only brings you back to that empty room in your heart, so try avoiding it.

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