Love Doing

It’s a perfect time of the day, the mood is painted with serenity, my mind is at rest and I feel like stumbling into something that gives me joy when I do it, My hands glide towards the instruments of art, while I grab the sketch pad and all the pencils,sharpener and eraser required.


I sit down comfortably with my table lamp tilted towards that perfect angle, I find the picture that appeals to my taste and off I thread unto this paper following the lines of the object like a map until I get to a place thats called art is done.


However, when I finish I still add little bit of shade here and there because in actual sense an art is like a human being it isn’t perfect theres always that space for improvement.


I draw in my spare time, It takes my mind away from the madness out there, It is something that appeals to my soul, It gives me utmost joy when I get it right even when I dont I change it into something else because with art theres always another option; anything is art.

Find something you love, so when you a feeling down you can always use it to feel better ūüôā



A year is an accumulation of period, rolled over with days until its over and starts all over again by transitioning into another start. 2012 is been a year of ups and also downs, but I guess we don’t get stronger¬† if we never face adversities or¬†experience¬†tribulations, Conquering this problems is what gives us happiness and gets us working harder than ever, so as not to ¬†make the same mistakes.

2012, the year¬†Olympics¬†graced the territory of¬†British¬†soil, an atmosphere filled with joy,¬†celebrations and¬†oneness,¬†¬†The country couldn’t be any better or much buzzing than it did at this period, 2012 ¬†the year when¬†NASA¬†confirmed its robot curiosity landed¬†safely on¬†planet Mars and was fit enough to exploit the red planet successfully, a year when¬†Felix¬†Baumgartner of¬†red-bull¬†jumped from space into earth, what a thrill.also a year Barack Obama was re-elected back into power by the Americans, this shows how far we have come from the days of¬†discriminatory¬†and oppressive mentality.


Times change inevitably, things start to work out due to constant integration in the practicality of the¬†ideology called multiculturalism. I couldn’t get enough of this year, great ¬†things happened more so bad things surfaced, But hey am still alive today and looking forward into another progressive ¬†new year, God bless the souls of the people that didn’t make it through to the next hurdle, May their perfect soul rest in peace.

I am here to wish everyone all the best in 2013, for those seeking ¬†breakthrough ¬†opportunities, may God make it possible in due time, for those that don’t have nothing, may God use helpful souls to help, for those that have enough may God keep strengthening them. ¬†2012 is packed its bag, welcome home 2013.