God the Director….

On a monday morning, while I steered the wheel and whisked through with a mellow sound soulfully whispering through my car speakers I was able to reminisce quite further and I start to think of Movies for some reason, Maybe because I watched  one  at the weekend, I start to think of all the various blend of characters how difference is needed for the film to have meaning, Then I start to think about life it self with its various shades of differences, race, culture religion and so on.

I mirrored the whole earth with a movie set, A movie has a director who leads it’s actors and actresses in  a direction  by bringing out the best in order for the messages been portrayed  through the script to flow seamlessly across the audience with some sort of meaning. Then I reflect back to the earth structure , I was thinking why is it the way it is, yes it is because differences gives it meaning.

Imagine we all looked the same, there isn’t short or tall, skinny or fat, pretty or less pretty, white or  black , quiet or loud, strong or fragile, female or male, rich or poor, alcoholic or non alcoholic, christian or muslim. This differences could go on forever We are all here for a reason, we are here to play a part on this big movie set, because picking from my religious book which says that God Knows our beginning and more so our end, with my own understanding this means that he knows if an alcoholic would change before he dies or rather will keep drinking till he eventually intoxicates himself to death with it.

Differences get us talking, differences breaks us and also makes us who we, people argue about which religion is the right and which one is not, I believe if there can be racial and cultural differences then there will be different religion which each of us use as a medium to communicate to the higher power and am sure he acknowledges our efforts. Well this topic is for another day because it can go on forever if I keep talking about it.

Thing happen which gives us something to talk about.


one day i will get Married

For a long time, i have been having this thought in my head, the word marriage keeps bopping around, this word signifies knot tying; that means becoming one forever until death or circumstances do you part.

The word forever stuck a pause on my moving image, this word echoes continuously  “forever!, Forever?!, Forever!” asking itself question Yes or No. finally its a Yes forever!, this seems like a decision that could either make you or break you. in this instance various atoms encompasses the possibilities of make or break.

These words troll themselves as images on my wall reading itself out loud, saying one day you will be filling up those shoes either Good or Bad. now the curiosity of making the right choice fills up my voided thoughts,piling another tonne of pressure on my shoulder while i struggle to balance on this thin rope (make or break). again you ask yourself another question, am i obliged to?  the water drips the answer “you are not, but then again loneliness is not a great place to be” . so finally i concord and decided i will get married one day,because staring at an empty wall and murmuring words through the dark night  won’t be the life i want to live.

Now that i have decided to get married, i have to plunge myself into the ocean of women and swim for the perfect match, obviously she won’t be all perfect, but guess i will have to accommodate and tolerate her attributes regardless of our little differences. I am not perfect either, she will have to accommodate some of my weirdness also 🙂 and hopefully one day we would have learnt enough to leave our differences behind.

Another thing a wise man told me, he said you don’t find your soulmate when finding, your soulmate finds you when your not finding, but that strikes a question mark pose of what if we don’t both bother to find ourselves :),  well i am sure  destiny will press play on its remote when  the time is right. 🙂

{4102} 🙂